About todoyu

todoyu is opensource, so feel free to browse the source. For general informations about todoyu please  visit our website

Bug reports / your feedback

We're awaiting your feedback. Have you found a bug, please register to report it in the bugtracker. If you have a general question or want to discuss an idea, please  join the message board.

Using SVN to update todoyu

If you are more interessted in the code updates than installing the stable release from sourceforge, you can checkout directly from the trunk. It will be updated every day with new features and bugfixes.
Guide how to checkout your own SVN copy

Translate todoyu

todoyu is not yet available in your language? The most of the translations have been done voluntarily by community members. We would be happy to receive a translation for your language. Please inform us if you're starting to translate, so we can prevent that others do the same work.
Guide how to translate todoyu into your own language